Three Chicks In A Tub


A completely original piece, written by Nicole Fairbairn, Sandra Medeiros, and Sandy Medeiros, set in a bathroom...a real bathroom! What's that, you say? That's right...our next production will take place in Nicole's bathroom, as part of the Fringe Festival's Bring Your Own Venue!

In Three Chicks In A Tub, Charlotte, Zoe and Amber are three friends getting ready for a night out. But this isn't just any night out...Zoe has gotten the lead role in a big feature film and tonight is the premiere! How do Charlotte and Amber deal with Zoe hitting the bigtime while they're still paying their dues working the nightshift at the local diner?

A funny and honest look at friendship--the ups, the downs and the in-betweens. A frank look at the way women really are with their friends--no holds barred!

Director: Tamara McCarthy
Featuring: Nicole Fairbairn, Sandra Medeiros and Sandy Medeiros

Marcus Youssef, Georgia Straight

In a cramped West End apartment, three biz-obsessed actresses get ready for a big-deal movie premiere. What I loved was the voyeuristic thrill of entering a stranger's tiny apartment to see a show performed about six inches from my face. And the characters' idiosyncratic riffs and shared verbal tangents are the kind that characterize our closest relationships.

Angela Ferreira, Lusitania

I headed downtown, picked up my ticket, and I walked down to the beach to pass the time. The sun was setting and breaking through the clouds and the waves were rippling along the shore making it a perfect setting to read through my program. I then walked back to the apartment and as I waited along the sidewalk, a random stranger came up to me to see what was going on. He was intrigued to find out that a show was taking place in his neighborhood, and in someone's apartment. That is the beautiful thing about site-specific work. It is in the everyday and it allows you to accidentally stumble upon art, to see your world in a new way, and to experience things that seem commonplace as art.

Show time. I made it upstairs to apartment 202 along with the others standing in line. We were all ushered in, stood close to the wall, and began to watch the play. I had my pen and paper ready to jot down notes, but after standing for a few minutes, I was so entertained that I put them away. Unfortunately for anyone who was not there, I have very little in the way of precise details. There were only 7 of us in the apartment. It was as if we were peeking in on the life of these three women. There to observe the relationship between the women as well as discover each of their personalities. Since I did not take notes, I can only offer mere words or moments that left an impression with me: singing in the shower, J.Lo, borrowing clothes, tweezers, 'N Sync, boyfriends, bodily functions, jealousy, not being able to pull your shirt over your head because it is stuck, and not having enough time to get ready. The dialogue flowed naturally as did the unveiling of each relationship, like a finely weaved web. The show was funny, charming, well-written, and a ton of fun. Congratulations to actors/writers Sandra Medeiros, Sandy Medeiros, Nicole Fairbairn, and director Tamara McCarthy. Here's to hoping that these women come back to the Fringe next year.

Jim Rusnak, CTV British Columbia

We both really enjoyed the show! I have a lot of respect for talented, creative people and you and your group put on a very well acted performance in tight quarters.

Sue Chiu

Just a quick note to tell you how much we enjoyed your play!!! It was very original and a whole lot of fun to watch! Great job and wish you continued success til the end!

B. Matheson


Just came from your show a few hours ago and I'm still pumped. For a simple and straight-forward production, that was amazing. Great characterization. Great flow and development.

I'm the odd chap who met you the previous night at pornSTAR. Just made it in. I was #11 of the 12, and the 12th person was the Venue Crew Chief. Hope you're stoked, because you deserve it. Amazing. Looking around at your company, etc. Seems to be a universal theme: Great company, skilled and dedicated artists, etc. Welll....I'm in total agreement. Thanks, that was a really fun, and I'll keep my eyes open for future productions...and my initial impressions of you were reinforced by the play tonight.

Amazing is a single word.

Well. just a few thoughts. In this day and age, I think its become evident that the best way to continue working in your chosen field is to create opportunities. Fortunately for you, you have the one ability that so few have. Raw and realized talent...

Thanks again for a fun and entertaining experience. The whole crew on the play were interesting and energetic.

Tricia Dawson

Saw the show and it was great. Keep me posted on the next one.....

Mary S.

My friend Gail and I really enjoyed your play "Three Chicks In A Tub" last night. Seems it is the "talk of the town"--everyone has heard about it including my daughter Mira.

Hanna and Wing

It was such pleasure watching "Three Chicks In a Tub". Clever writing, with strong individual performances from each actress makes it hands down the best show at the Fringe. The play truly captures how funny and dynamic relationships can be. If the intent is to produce visionary and entertaining theatre, Naked Goddess Productions has succeeded again. We look forward to your next production!

Ken Wong

Gee, I never "written" a review for a play, having no journalistic experience. Let me tell you it is was a somewhat interesting situation as the audience were basically "flies on the wall" - you know what I mean as it was a very initimate setting, made more so by the extra people piled into room - what would the fire marshall say? Although it was bascially a piece of fiction - though I am told that there are bits of truth interlaced throughout the story line, it was also a bit odd - somewhat voyeuristic - for myself as I actually knew two of the thespians involved. Enough of the setting and onto a "review".

Without giving away any of the lines, the play was a humourous but sometimes dramatic representation of what probably goes on in countless bathrooms/appartments around the world as people try to get ready for parties, appointments, engagements - which are really more important to some than others. Flashes of jealousy and anxiety are intermixed with the overall theme of support, friendship and love. Overall, it was very enjoyable.


I just had to write to let you know how much i enjoyed your show last week. It was a really unique experience to go into someones apartment to see a show, ( a bit voyeristic). Anyway I went their to see how a show could be put on in a bathroom and how the audience was going to be placed. At best I thought that it would be a short sloppy performance of a few unprofessional people, How wrong could I be, It was well written, very well acted, timing was excellent and very realistic of what a group of girls can be like. I thought it was very polished and flowed very well from room to room.

I thought you all made your parts very unique and showed 3 different personalities in action together...

I think that this concept really works and could be a pre-curser to other groups doing simlar venues in their own homes or apartments next year and developing a whole new section of the fringe.

Well done and look forward to your next show next year.