The Crackwalker


Naked Goddess Productions presents the Canadian masterpiece, The Crackwalker, by acclaimed Canadian playwright Judith Thompson.

The Crackwalker is a gritty, haunting drama that will awaken your senses with its captivating images and riveting characters. Judith Thompson writes a compelling story exploring the struggles people face on their journey towards redemption. This violently beautiful play will provoke thought, inspire emotion and take you to the other side of the dark.

Director: Jason Emanuel
Featuring: Sandra Medeiros, Nicole Fairbairn, Sean Tyson, Gavin Landsiedel and Angelo Renai

Alan Hindle, Terminal City Weekly

Bleak, black, black, bleak humoured show well-delivered. We're talking black. Four losers trapped in a hell of their own nature, just trying desperately to pretend life has a point. Funny (though the audience choked and kept nervously laughing long after they should have stopped) and powerfully acted. A terrific show, but go knowing it will push you a bit.

Rachael Sundin

I really enjoyed The Crackwalker, the acting was superb. It's just a heavy play, but done right it's incredibly moving. I am so glad I went to see it, it's like a sliver of Canadian tragedy. If you get a chance to see it, it's totally worth it.

Helena and David Diogo

The acting was extremely good. We were on the edge of our seats. It was definitely an emotional play. One minute we'd be laughing and the next crying. Upon leaving, we talked about the characters all the way home. You were all able to portray each character sooooo well...there were points throughout the entire play where we could sympathize with each of them. I think the audience was doing a lot of reacting throughout all of the scenes. It was extremely well-acted and I think the standing ovation says it all. Well done!

Vasso Iampietro

The Crackwalker" was amazing! What a show it was! I was so moved and touched by the whole play. I have never seen such great live theatre in my whole life. Wow! So when is the next show? Can't wait!