The Blue Room


Naked Goddess Productions is excited to present the deliciously sexy play The Blue Room by David Hare, freely adapted from Arthur Schnitzler's risque play La Ronde at the Playwright's Theatre Centre on Granville Island, April 2005. In The Blue Room, two actors play ten different characters in a daisy chain of sexual encounters.

Sandra Medeiros directs this intriguing and visually stunning production of The Blue Room, featuring Nicole Fairbairn and Brett Queen, each portraying five wonderfully alluring characters in ten thrilling and sexually charged scenes.

Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier

The Blue Room is probably not your best bet for a first-date tryst. It's so sexy, so steamy, the very walls of PTC get hot and bothered. Nicole Fairbairn is hot and horny in every role. Between the ten or so set changes, she wriggles and dances into her next costume behind a backlit scrim. Brett Queen isn't shy at all about grabbing at Nicole's butt...directed by Sandra Medeiros with great sound design by Ian Alexander Martin. It's a cool, jazzy score that opens with a torchy instrumental version of 'All The Way'. That pretty much says it all.

Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

Fairbairn's...performance overflows with raw emotion and inspired eccentricity. She throws her whole body into everything she does, committing herself to portraits of a stoned teenager and a sophisticated married woman with equal fervour.

Jennifer Smith, The Boards

I feel that this whole group of artists truly took part in their show...a lot of effort and work went into this show. Nicole Fairbairn...takes her craft seriously..and it was a pleasure to watch her bring the characters to life...she took chances and overall they paid off. Brett Queen as the male characters was very good...he should be also be proud...Sean Tyson's light of the show is haunting and comfortable at the same time - he really adds to the pain and the passion in the piece...Ian Alexander Martin's soundtrack keeps pace with the piece very well...Sandra Medeiros' direction had to get a lot out of these two actors and I think she did that. Overall, this show has a lot of heart and was very well done by an emerging group of artists who should be proud of their efforts.