product 3/2018

A Beautiful View by Daniel MacIvor

A simple and beautiful story about love and friendship.

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product 3/2016

Wait Until Dark by Frederick Knott

A masterfully constructed thriller centered around a blind woman and three sinister con men.

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product 7/2015

Ninety by Joanna Murray-Smith

It is no use, but William gives Isabel ninety minutes anyway.

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product 5/2015

In a Forest, Dark and Deep by Neil LaBute

Secrets and layers unravel in this modern day Hansel and Gretel.

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product 6/2006

The Woolgatherer by William Mastrosimone

A quirky and seemingly unlikely love story.

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product 9/2005

Three Chicks In A Tub by Sandra Medeiros, Nicole Fairbairn and Sandy Medeiros

Set in real time in a real apartment bathroom, three friends get ready for a night out.

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product 4/2005

The Blue Room by David Hare

Two actors play ten different characters in a daisy chain of sexual encounters.

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product 6/2004

My Sister In This House by Wendy Kesselman

An eerie psychosexual drama based on the true 1930's French murder case of sisters Christine and Lea Papin

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product 9/2003

The Crackwalker by Judith Thompson

A compelling story exploring the struggles people face on their journey towards redemption.

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